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Best Pest Control Company For Ants

Jan 26

Ant Pest Control

There are many types of ants that could infest your house or property. Some ants sting but others can be nuisances or get into your food. Tampa Pest Busters offers organic and environmentally safe pest control services to get rid of ants.

How to Get Rid of the Ants

The type of insect you are trying to control will often determine which ant management method is best. It does not matter whether you're looking for an exterminator, or an ant management company to help prevent ant infestations. You should consider your safety and that of your pets. Tampa Pest Busters, the best pest control company for ants offers environmentally friendly pest control. Our team of experts knows how to remove ants.

Ant Removal Service

A professional ant removal company may be required for large infestations. Our team is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to deal with any ant problem. Tampa Pest Busters is available to help with ant removal.

Ant Exterminator

Employing an ant exterminator is not necessarily a requirement. Our ant extermination methods can be used in a safe manner. Tampa Pest Busters cares about your health and wellbeing. We continue to research new and effective ways to exterminate ants safely.

Ant Pest Management

It is only the beginning of getting rid of ant infestations under control. There is a high chance that the ant problem will recur if there is no effective ant control program. Tampa Pest Busters can help you evaluate the problem and devise an effective ant control program to keep them away.

Safe Ant Control

We recognize the importance of safety in pest control. There are many home solutions to safely eliminate ants. Some methods of controlling ants are more effective than others. Tampa Pest Busters can help you if your ant control methods are not working or you just need some extra help to eliminate all nuisance ants. We use safe methods to control ants.

Acrobat Ants

This is a small, black and that can nest outside but can also be found inside. Because they like to lift their abdomen in the air, their name is derived from this behavior. Although they nest most often in woodpiles or debris, acrobats can also be found trailing along walls and siding.

Argentine Ants

The Argentine Ant lives in large colonies and forages in large quantities. Their tracks can be quite long. They can be found outside but will sometimes nest in structures or homes.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants got their name because they dig wood for their nests. They create smooth tunnels within the wood through their excavating. Carpenter ants come in sizes ranging from one-quarter inches for a worker to three-quarters inches for a queen.

Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants nest within the soil and create mound nests. They can infest garages.

Odorous Ants

They are sometimes called small black ants. However, they do live in large colonies. Many colonies can live around the structure, and they can nest in it in numerous locations. They are often found in large numbers, and they appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Pavement Ants

Because they nest under concrete and around pavements and stones, their name is Ant. This ant can be identified by a mound made of soil, pushed up through cracks of cement. They are often found nesting within slab-structure walls.

Pharaoh Ants

They can be found in large numbers, often following each other. You can follow the trails to find them around appliances, cabinets, pantries, along window sills and countertops.



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