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Apr 17

Things Nobody Tells You About Renovating Your Kitchen

We'll be sharing some houston secrets that first-timers might not be aware of... as well as some tricks that even the most experienced renovators might be amazed to know. We will be focusing on the kitchen remodel, which is one of the most crucial projects homeowners can undertake. Here are eight points to keep in mind, starting at the outlets.

1. It's (extremely) costly.


Remodeling magazine states that the national average kitchen makeover costs $66,000. (How much does an "upscale remodel" cost? Some cases can reach $131,000. says that cabinetry, hardware, and installation are the most expensive (29 percent), 17 percent (17 percent), and appliances (10 percent and 14 percent). Remodeling believes that a complete remodel doesn't always improve resale ability value. On average, homeowners only recoup approximately 60% of remodeling expenses.


The key to kitchen remodeling success is working smarter not harder. Don't worry about the layout. You don't need to relocate any major hook-ups.


2. Consider who you'll be invited to dinner.


The age-old icebreaker is "Who would invite to a real party?" What about hosting extravagant dinners every weekend for eight people? Do you have to feed children every night, or host lavish dinners for eight? Or are you more inclined to cook alone? Is it cooking or baking you prefer? When making renovation decisions such as how many ovens you need, it is important to consider your culinary needs. If you're looking to bake and cook simultaneously or entertain regularly, consider buying two.


3. You can choose your countertops based on both aesthetics, as well practicality.


Think about the people you would like to see in your kitchen in years to come. Marble and soapstone are excellent choices if you're okay with the fact that they will need to be cleaned regularly. These might not be feasible if you are tight on budget. Are you ready to find the best one for you? Here are five questions that you need to ask when it comes down to kitchen countertops.


4. Wall-mounted faucets are your best bet.


Faucets can be so simple that you might just go with a deck-mounted model and not even think about it. Like Julie in her Brooklyn Heights apartment, a wall-mounted tap can make a significant difference. A wall-mounted faucet will make it much easier to maintain a clean space around your sink.


5. Sometimes, the most mundane aspects of your project are what can make it or break you.


It is important to ensure that adequate ventilation is provided (learn about Ceiling-Mounted Recessed Cooktop Vents) and that outlets are available. See Where to Find Electrical Outlets, Kitchen Edition. You don't want your beautiful kitchen filled with smoke or forcing you to use a mixer on the floor.


6. Ikea cabinets can be modified.


There are many different cabinet styles available. There are many choices, but you shouldn't be overwhelmed. There are only six types to choose from when it comes to durable and timeless aesthetics. A multitude of new companies modifies Ikea cabinets.


7. It is easier to clean a double bowl sink than a simple one.


For example, a single bowl sink appears sleeker and is easier to fit in a small space. A double bowl sink on the other hand allows you to manage multiple dishes, wash your vegetables, and access the disposal whenever you need it. To help you make your decision, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of single-bowl vs. two-bowl in the kitchen.


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