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Is your home ready for mosquito season?

Apr 23

Mosquito bites can be aggravating and frustrating at times. There isn't much more irritating than these little animals stinging you all night or ruining your evening hours as you relax in your backyard. Mosquitoes, after all, carry diseases, therefore it's best to hire a specialist to help you avoid them as much as possible. You can keep mosquitoes from bugging you if you take a focused strategy for mosquito management.

We continue to provide value to our clients at Pete's Pest Control by using fogging, misting, and other innovative tactics. You might be preparing to ward off mosquitos as mosquito season approaches in Athens, GA. You can protect the safety of your family members with our excellent mosquito control services.

When Do You Have to Get Ready for Mosquitoes?

It all depends on where you live and how well you've prepared yourself to deal with them. Depending on your location and the time of year, the mosquito season may be brief or long. The severity of the difficulty you're about to encounter is determined by a number of things.

  1. Humidity and rain: Mosquitoes, like several other insects, like humid environments to breed in. If you live in a humid or rainy climate, you may be plagued with mosquitos for months at a time. Mosquitoes will breed in these settings.
  2. Warm temperatures: Mosquitoes prefer warmer climates to live in. If you live somewhere where the temperature rises early in the year and stays high for the most of the year, you're likely to have lengthier mosquito seasons.
  3. Moderate winters: Because mosquitos become a nuisance as soon as summer arrives, mild winters encourage mosquito infection. Their growth is aided by the absence of cold and long winters. As a result, mosquitoes are attracted to the area more quickly than typical during short and warm winters.


What are the Different Mosquito Control Methods?

Three efficient strategies are used by reputable mosquito control service companies. These are the following:

  • Mosquito Fogging

Fogging machines are used by experienced mosquito control workers to kill these pests. Mosquitoes can be effectively controlled with this strategy. You won't have to spend your summers swatting flies once our professionals have implemented the approach. When you contact us, one of our licensed consultants will come out and assess your property. The pros will use a mosquito fogging machine to spray small droplets about your home after a thorough inspection. The professionals also make sure that your foliage and shrubs are treated with this environmentally safe treatment.

Our professionals use repellant granules throughout the yard for added protection. Furthermore, mosquito-prone locations such as marshes and moist zones are treated by the professionals. Professionals also look for vulnerable areas such as lawns, HVAC units, flowerpots, drains, and birdbaths.

Experts currently use two types of mosquito fogging equipment. These are the cold fogging machines that run on electricity and the thermal foggers that run on propane.


  • Mosquito Misting

An autonomous machine sprays insecticides in the form of a fine mist around the yard in mosquito misting systems. These devices are ideal for places where mosquitoes are infested in large numbers. Mosquitoes can be kept at bay in your backyard and adjacent areas with a monthly spray. Some of the more advanced mosquito misting systems have timers built in to automate the spraying process. You should use the mist more frequently around night and daybreak. Mosquitoes are more active at certain times of the day than others. Mosquitoes won't ruin your fun if you use a professional approach to mosquito control.

A tank with a nozzle makes up the misting system. Misting goods include semi-organic, organic, and synthetic ingredients. The specialists supply the required services based on the clients' needs. This may vary depending on the severity of the infestation, the size of the yard, and other factors.


  • Deploying mosquito traps

Mosquito traps have shown to be an excellent method of dealing with the problem. This is similar to a rat or mousetrap that has been baited. When the egg-laying mosquitoes come into touch with the trap, the specialists put it up. The specialists use a non-toxic bait in the water to efficiently limit the population. It's made up of an enzyme that clings to mosquitoes' legs. They are eventually transported to breeding regions in order to limit the proliferation of eggs. Furthermore, the host dies after 24 hours, reducing the mosquito population surrounding your home even more.

In Athens, GA, we ensure that no mosquitoes are left behind by using a variety of mosquito control methods. Our professionals use all three of the most effective strategies to ensure that you, your family, and your pets are safe from these pests. Contact us here at Pete’s Pest Control today for a free consultation!