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Jun 15

You have two options when it comes to renovating your bathroom. One is smooth and simple, the other is complicated and can be frustrating. Preparation and planning are key to avoiding the latter. You will benefit whether you are replacing your shower or doing a complete renovation. Let's take an overview of the scope of this project.

Deciding on a Budget

It is a good idea to first determine your budget for a bathroom remodel. Although a Phoenix Home Remodeling contractor will help you set the price for your remodel, it is better to determine how much you can afford in advance. You can use sites to determine the cost of a bathroom remodel in your area. There are even general pricing options for certain projects like a bathtub or shower installation.

Selecting a Contractor

You are welcome to schedule a few appointments with bathroom remodeling gilbert az. You shouldn't be charged for a quick estimate and cost assessment. Look for companies with:

Certifications and Licensing

Positive Customer Reviews

A local storefront

Consultations and Free Quotes

Layout decisions

After you have chosen a bathroom remodeler, it is a good idea to meet with them during the planning stages. The layout and focus of the bathroom will be determined by you. Simple bathroom remodels will keep the layout unchanged, but change the fixtures.

You can also choose to rearrange the bathroom or convert the bath. It's possible to have a bath conversion completed by our installers in one day. This makes it a quick remodel. What are our conversions?

Tub-to-Shower Transformations: A shower enclosure can be installed to replace the bathtub. It is more user-friendly and will hold more water.

Shower-to-Tub conversions: Convert your old shower into a bathtub that is perfect for children or yourself.

Deciding on Design

The final bathroom remodel design will need to be completed by you. The remodeler should be able help you choose functional and attractive bathroom products such as cabinets, toilets and bathtubs. An on-staff designer may be able help you choose the right color combinations and accessories.

Setting up appointments

Last but not least, you will make appointments for the remodel. A remodeler may be sent out by the contractor to measure the bath enclosure. The contractor will also establish a date for the installation. However, this is dependent on the status of your bath products. To set up a date for installation, the remodeler will likely reach out to you close to the scheduled installation day. We are available to assist you with affordable bathroom remodeling in Phoenix.

Call Remodelers Phoenix AZ today to schedule a consultation for your bathroom remodeling project in Gilbert Az. Fill out our online form to receive a free estimate for a new bathtub, shower or bath conversion.